East India Madder Red

It started with the ‘Piece Trade’ - the Company’s trade in a variety of textiles from India – calicoes, ginghams, muslins, chintzes to name only a few. Factories in Surat made cloth of a quality good enough to be traded back home.

Chintzes became important furnishing fabrics, as they retained their strong colours, and became in vogue for rooms with an Indian theme, the English being fascinated by tales of the exotic, and this was a small, ownable piece.

They especially liked a vibrant red dye, known as “East India Madder.” From the root of the madder plant, cloth dyed with madder dates back 1000s of years - it has been found in the tomb of Tutankhamun and the ruins of Pompei.

Today The East India Company madder red colour is still integral to our brand and our luxury gift boxes match the original colour.


The Gin Cocktail Café Hamper in Luxury Gift Box

Our breakfast cocktail gift hamper. Find inside the critical ingredients for cocktails combining our British breakfast staples and our London Dry gin - the Breakfast Martini and the Coffee Negroni.

The East India Company - Lifestyle

A gift of 2 'breakfast' cocktails that will keep you awake and dancing 'till breakfast!

Inspired by cocktail culture, we challenged ourselves to take our British breakfast staples and create gin cocktails that are simply delicious - the Breakfast Martini and the Coffee Negroni."

The critical ingredients - our own London Dry Gin of course, with 12 botanicals, plus our Signature Red Dragon Mocha coffee. Completing the gift box - our Thick & Dark Orange Marmalade and some Seville Orange Marmalade Biscuits. And following the theme, a tube of zesty Candied Orange Peel smothered in fine dark chocolate.
A gift is all the more appreciated by the recipient if it feels personal - we truly live in the age of personalisation.

We want you to know that your gift is the most important gift to us. Every single one of our gift boxes is meticulously prepared by our team at our London Flagship store, led by Manoj.

If you would a special gift message, just add it in the space at the Checkout, we will include it in the parcel.

If your Gift Box is almost perfect... except for a specific item - contact us, we'll happily change it for something of equal or close to the value.
If the delivery is required at a certain time, contact us, we will do our best to organise with our delivery partners.

If you are in London, come and see us, and create something unique to you from whole range, with our Bespoke service, or use our online Hamper builder.

In a nutshell, if you have a special request that will make your gift to a friend, colleague or loved one even more special, please contact our team to help [see contact us in the Footer].
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The Story of Hampers

There is an undeniable frisson of excitement when opening a hamper, exploring the depths, and unearthing exciting foods that wouldn’t normally be on the shopping list.

Hamper gifting not surprisingly, has a long tradition.

The word ‘hamper’ is derived from a French word ‘hanapier’, meaning something that holds a cup or cups - ‘hanap’ itself being an old Germanic word for a drinking vessel.

It is believed that William the Conqueror brought the tradition to England from France in the 11th Century, wicker hampers full of food and clothing being given to the poor. Centuries later, it was wealthy Victorians who popularised the gifting of hampers, either for friends or for members of their household staff, particularly at Christmas.
The Victorians built railways, so hamper gifting grew across the country as speed of delivery meant foodstuffs arrived in perfect condition – the Amazon Prime of the day.

Simultaneously in America, gift baskets [a hamper is a laundry basket in the US] were delivered from East to West. Later, boxes of home comforts were sent by loving families to the front line and hospitals in WW1, making life just a little less unbearable.

Today, hampers take many forms, whether wicker, wooden or card, and might contain artisan or exotic foods, fine wines and small household items. It is a thoughtful gift, the giver mindful of what the lucky recipient likes, but always with a little something extra to surprise.

Our spirit delivers no ordinary products

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    Are you able to send hampers overseas?
    Yes, we can deliver to most countries, please see our Delivery page. However, we are NOT able to deliver any alcoholic items internationally at this time. We apologise for this, but it is out of our control.

    If I chose a hamper and want to replace an item with another, is it possible?
    Yes it is possible, we understand the need to personalise a gift and make it perfect for the recipient. But first - have a look to see if there is another curated hamper that fully meets your needs. If not, add the hamper to basket and when you reach the Checkout, please put a clear note in the Special Instructions box with your requirements. Please do ensure that the requested replacement is of equal value or less, otherwise we will be unable to complete the order without contacting you to arrange for further payment. Finally, we do offer a fully bespoke hamper service, where you can create your own hamper from scratch, choosing a small, medium or large red box or wicker basket, and then the components. Click here to see more.

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    To confirm the recipient is over 18 years, valid photographic ID with a date of birth will be required upon delivery for all customers. The driver will input your date of birth into their device to confirm that age verification has been completed successfully, but will not be able to access your date of birth information once your delivery is complete.

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The Gin Cocktail Café Hamper in Luxury Gift Box

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