The Magic of Borosilicate Glass

The gradual infusion of tea results in a beautiful changing diffusion of colour. It’s likely one could find a tea liquor colour for every part of the spectrum. But it’s often hidden away in a mug or teapot.

With Borosilicate glass, it’s possible to enjoy this visual delight.

Let’s get technical for a moment…

Borosilicate glass contains about 15% of the ingredient Boron Trioxide, which allows for a very low coefficient of thermal expansion [the rate at which glass expands when exposed to heat].

This means it won’t crack or shatter under extreme temperature changes like regular glass. It’s also highly resistant to other chemicals or acids, so it’s free of any foreign taste or colour.


Jena Teapot PRETTY TEA I with lid & stainless steel strainer 500ml

An elegant, spouted 2-cup teapot makes tea-making a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Make your loose leaf tea, your way. With precision German engineering by Jena, using borosilicate glass.

The East India Company - Lifestyle

The original pioneers of The East Company of 400 years ago, traversed the globe finding the best the world could offer, in spices, coffees, teas, porcelains, textiles and more.

We honour the spirit of those pioneers today, by still seeking those Critical Ingredients that make a difference.

The best tea in the world is nothing without good water and the right temperature of the same. And even when that is right, it’s still ruined by brewing for the wrong amount of time.
Using the right brewing equipment and cups or mugs is a further essential part of the tea equation.

We can’t and don’t wish to make these ourselves, so instead we seek out and curate the best examples.

Having done our research, we highly appreciate the functionality and beauty of Jena glassware and fully endorse it and have curated a small range that brings out the best in our teas.
• Borosilicate glass teapot with stainless steel infusor and glass lid
• Capacity: 500ml / 10.14 US fl.oz
• Height 140 mm
• Width: 204 mm
• Depth: 120 mm
• Manufacturer: Trendglas Jena GmbH
About Jena Glassware:
• All Jena glassware is borosilicate glassware, which is heated to 600 degrees Celsius and then slowly cooled before packing. This eliminates stress within the glass and ensures a long life.
• Food safe and easy to clean pore-free surface.
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• Heat resistant well beyond boiling water
• Contains no heavy metals
• Produced in Germany to the highest European standards


The Beauty of Tea

Given that all tea comes from the same green leaf from the same small plant, it’s amazing how different tea can look in the cup. It’s a real colour chart, from almost clear to almost black, via light green and rich burgundy. It’s a beautiful spectrum of colour.

Using quality glassware gives the tea drinker the opportunity to savour the emergence of the unique colour of your tea, as well as the flavour, creating a multi-sensory experience.

Why are the colours so different?

Largely, for the same reason as the very diverse flavour differences, it’s down to the processing.
Green teas are produced from tea leaves that are unoxidized [oxidation quickly turns a cut apple from white to brown - it’s the same process], so green colours are retained in cup, from quite light to very bright, like the most vivid green of Japanese Matcha tea, caused by the very high level of the green pigment, chlorophyll.

With black teas, oxidation causes the breakdown of chlorophyll and the natural phenols and polyphenols known as tannins, which give brown colours when brewed.

More than that, as tea brews, the colour will deepen – it’s a key indicator for a tea professional of quality and consistency of the tea and of course to judge just the moment when to stop the brew… and to start drinking.

Our spirit delivers no ordinary products

  • FAQ

    Is there a guarantee against defects on Jena glassware?
    If your Jena teaware fails in the course of normal usage, we will replace it or offer a refund during the period of 3 years after purchase. We can’t be responsible for damage caused by the owner. We would require proof of purchase, so please keep your electronic receipt.

    Can Jena tea ware be washed in the dishwasher?
    Yes, Jena teaware is completely dishwasher safe. Please always be careful when loading into the dishwasher to avoid knocking against other items. Whilst the glassware can withstand temperatures above 400 degrees celsius, it is still glass and glass will crack if it is handled carelessly.

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