10 Amazing Tea facts

1) The global tea market value is more than $250,000,000,000 [a quarter of a trillion dollars!]

2) Tea was first drunk in China more than 5000 years ago!

3) If the tea plant is not pruned, it becomes a tree more than 50ft high.

4) In China, what is known in the west as Black Tea, is Red Tea.

5) In the UK, over 150 million cups of black tea are drunk every day!

6) The race for tea in the 19th century was the reason for the development of fast ships.

7) Black Tea and White Tea come from the same plant.

8) The number 1 tea consuming country in the world is … Turkey!

9) The mysterious art of reading the tea leaves is…. Tasseography.

10) Tea is only the 2nd most popular drink in the world - after water.


Tea Caddy Spoon - Silver Plated

With a generous scalloped-shaped bowl to scoop and measure loose leaf teas and an engraved long handle, this beautiful silver-plated caddy spoon is a nod to the spoons that would have be used used in the 18th Century.

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A caddy spoon is one used for measuring out dried loose leaf tea. Silver caddy spoons originated in the 18th century and became highly ornate into the 19th century, with elaborate designs.

Tea at the time was expensive and was kept locked inside a fashionable tea caddy together with the silver spoon, and it is because of this that the spoon has a characteristically a short handle.

Before man-made spoons were used to scoop tea, it is thought that natural items were used, such as scallop shells and consequently, silver caddy spoons were made in this shape too. The wide spoon made collecting enough tea in one scoop easy.
Our caddy spoon is presented in a small madder red colour presentation box and is branded with the East India Company Chop Mark on the handle.

A lovely gift to yourself or another tea lover.
Silver-plated on stainless steel caddy spoon

Width: 112mm
Height: 30mm
Depth: 40mm
Weight: 35 g


Legend: Emperor Wan Tu Discovers Tea

Extract taken from “The East India Company Book of Tea” by Anthony Wild.

There are many legends about the discovery of tea, none of which have solid foundations in historical fact. But the world requires an explanation for the discovery of one of its most popular drinks, and the ancient Chinese story of the Emperor Wan Tu is by far the best…

The Emperor of China, Wan Tu, an evil, cruel, and despotic ruler, was overthrown by his first minister and banished to a remote southern part of China.

He sat in the shade of a large bush, plotting his revenge.

Driven by poverty to drinking only hot water, he was delighted one day when some of the leaves of the bush fell into his saucepan of boiling water and he discovered that the resulting brew was tasty, refreshing, and relaxing. It cleared his mind so effectively that he sat under the bush for seven years, drinking it, learning to regret his former tyrannies, and vowing to make amends.
Her named the drink ‘tai’, meaning peace, in recognition of its effect on him.

He returned to the capital city in disguise and became a valued advisor to his former minister. He was so wise and so beloved by the people that when the minister died, he was chosen as his successor, and ruled justly for many years, introducing tea to the nation.

Only on his deathbed did Wan Tu reveal his true identity, and to honour the wonderful changes that tea had wrought in him, the poet Lu Yu wrote the Tai Chin, the famous book of tea in the 8th Century.

There are other legends - another Emperor Shen Nung was thought to have discovered tea in a similar way, but 3000 years earlier.

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