An Infinity of Patterns

The word ‘Kaleidoscope’ is a permanent memory of childhood play and curiosity. From Greek, it means the “observation of beautiful forms”.  We recall those beautiful patterns, never repeated.

David Brewster, the inventor of the ‘modern’ Kaleidoscope, said it might be of great value in "all the ornamental arts" as a device that creates an "infinity of patterns".

Our brand is like a sedimentary rock: layers of experiences from faraway lands washed together, connecting, over time creating a structure of uniqueness and beauty. Constantly being reinvented, but always remaining inclusive, tolerant, harmonious.  Turning the familiar to the unfamiliar, the mundane to the exotic.

For our finest tea caddies, we bring together individual patterns and images from the past and present to create a contemporary kaleidoscopic canvas for the future.


Speciality Loose Leaf Tea Caddy Gift Set 3x50g

Net Weight: 150g

A loose leaf tea gift pack that packs a punch... Kicking off with First Romance black tea, following by a beautiful Jasmine Green tea and last but not least, our Tropical Punch White Tea. Ideal as a gift for tea lovers .

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An elegant gift selection of three of our finest loose leaf teas in our mini Kaleidoscope round caddies. From a 'classic ' fragrant green tea to two unique fruity blends, one white tea, one black.

First Romance Black Tea: From Tea Master Lalith Lenadora, a unique visual feast of a blend of fruits, flower petals and a fine black tea. Flavours including strawberry, mango and orange will delight your senses - truly a First Romance.
Tropical Punch White Tea: Our famous Blend 68 - a white tea with red hibiscus, rosehip and orange peel, this 'Tropical Punch' blend is a thirst quenching infusion with a deliciously fruity taste and a striking red liquor.

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea: Made from handpicked green tea leaves, hand rolled into little silver pearls and then repeatedly scented with Jasmine blossoms to achieve the perfect harmony of aromatic florals and lively young tea buds.
First Romance: The dry tea leaves are a visual delight, with the dark tea leaves interspersed with blues, yellows and oranges. The liquor is a rich red-brown colour, with an aroma that is sweet, fruity and full of cream notes. Drink it without milk, the flavour is rich, balanced and creamy.

Jasmine Pearls: A heady aroma of jasmine rushes from the cup as soon the hot water hits the tea, clean on the palette, with irresistible sweet floral notes.

Tropical Punch: A thirst quenching red infusion. A smooth and pleasant aroma, with a deliciously fruity taste this flavourful blend is as uplifting as an island breeze. Perfect for iced tea cocktails.

High quality green tea and jasmine flowers are the critical ingredients, chosen by our Tea Master Lalith Lenadora.

First Romance Black Tea





Brewing Time


Tropical Punch White Tea





Brewing Time


Jasmine Pearls Green Tea




200ML OF WATER AT 90-100ºC

Brewing Time



First Romance Black Tea: Black Tea, Rose petals, Orange peel, Marigold petals, Cornflowers, Strawberry flavour, Lotus petals Tropical Punch White Tea: White Tea, Rosehip shells, Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Orange Peel, Banana Flavour, Mango Flavour, Pineapple Flavour, Passionfruit Flavour Jasmine Pearls Green Tea: Green Tea, natural Jasmine flavour


Store in a cool, dry place avoiding direct sunlight and strong odours.


Legend: Emperor Wan Tu Discovers Tea

Extract taken from “The East India Company Book of Tea” by Anthony Wild.

There are many legends about the discovery of tea, none of which have solid foundations in historical fact. But the world requires an explanation for the discovery of one of its most popular drinks, and the ancient Chinese story of the Emperor Wan Tu is by far the best…

The Emperor of China, Wan Tu, an evil, cruel, and despotic ruler, was overthrown by his first minister and banished to a remote southern part of China.

He sat in the shade of a large bush, plotting his revenge.

Driven by poverty to drinking only hot water, he was delighted one day when some of the leaves of the bush fell into his saucepan of boiling water and he discovered that the resulting brew was tasty, refreshing, and relaxing. It cleared his mind so effectively that he sat under the bush for seven years, drinking it, learning to regret his former tyrannies, and vowing to make amends.
Her named the drink ‘tai’, meaning peace, in recognition of its effect on him.

He returned to the capital city in disguise and became a valued advisor to his former minister. He was so wise and so beloved by the people that when the minister died, he was chosen as his successor, and ruled justly for many years, introducing tea to the nation.

Only on his deathbed did Wan Tu reveal his true identity, and to honour the wonderful changes that tea had wrought in him, the poet Lu Yu wrote the Tai Chin, the famous book of tea in the 8th Century.

There are other legends - another Emperor Shen Nung was thought to have discovered tea in a similar way, but 3000 years earlier.

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  • FAQ

    Does this tea include caffeine and is there more or less than in coffee?
    Yes, all tea like coffee, contains caffeine. The amount in both teas and coffees does vary, depending on the type, but typically Sri Lankan black tea is lighter than other teas in caffeine content, usually between 50 and 90mg for a normally brewed 230ml serving. This compares to about 95mg for a normal cup of coffee. The best advice is to treat tea and coffee similarly if you have a problem with caffeine.

    I’ve heard that tea contains theanine. What is it and what does it do?
    Tea does indeed contain theanine, which is an amino acid [the building blocks of proteins]. Tea is one of only a few sources of theanine. It represents about 1% of dry weight and is at its highest concentrate in shade-grown teas like matcha and gyokuro. Whilst not yet proven in scientific studies that would permit specific health claims to be made, it is believed by many to be able to reduce mental and physical stress, promote relaxation and a sense of well-being. But not only that, it is more recently being thought to aid cognitive function. It’s one explanation for tea’s famous ability to create calm in a crisis [the Great British solution to all problems – ‘putting the kettle on’] and to stimulate when a little boost is required.

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