From Chatni to Chutney

Chutneys and pickles took root in Europe in the late 1600s with the arrival of preserved foods, like mangoes and tamarinds, brought back to Britain from India by The East India Company.

Chutneys [from the Hindi word ‘chatni’, itself derived from a word meaning ‘to lick’] were served with almost every meal in India. It’s an ancient food, originating in India 2,500 years ago as a means of preservation in the heat.

These exotic new foods graced London’s society tables in the 18th century, and inevitably travelled onwards from London to other colonial outposts and became popular around the world.

We take inspiration from the original recipes developed by East India Company officers in the 1800s with our small range of artisan chutneys.


Lime Pickle Chutney

Weight: 290g

Bursting with the taste of fresh lime, ginger and mustard, this handmade Lime Pickle Chutney is the exquisite balance of sweet and spicy. Scrumptious and simply perfect with curries or breads.

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Food and Beverages

Chutney and pickles laid a foothold in Europe in the late 16th century when East India Company brought preserved exotic foods from India to the United Kingdom.

Made from a variety of ingredients, from mango to tamarind, lemon, raisins, coconut, cinnamon, chili and turmeric which are cooked in vinegar, sugar and spices for about 2 hours for preservation. The flavours range from sweet to sour, hot to mild or a combination of all.

Lime pickle is now an essential part of Indian cuisine all around the world. We've included lime pickle in our range to celebrate the role it had in the seafaring and Indian adventures of The Company.
From tropical southeast Asia, limes spread across the world via migration and trade. Pickling limes in vinegar was of course another scurvy preventative - East India sailors might well have received some as part of their rations.

In the early days, the ability of citrus to prevent curvy was a secret - a huge benefit to the British. It's thought they acquired the nickname 'Limey' because of this!

We celebrate the role of limes and lime pickle in the lives of the pioneers, with our latter day authentic spicy Lime Pickle, with mustard, ginger and chilli.


Sugar, Lime (24%), Onions, Vinegar, Salt, Corn Oil, Red Chilli Powder, Mustard, Fenugreek, Turmeric Powder, Asafoetida, Acetic Acid, Sodium Benzoate.


See ingredients in bold. Made in factory that handles nut. Although every care has been taken, fruit stalk and stone maybe present. May contain traces of these allergens.


Typical values 100g – Energy 618kj/145kcal | Fat 2.6g, of which saturates 0.01g | Carbohydrate 30g, of which sugars 26g | Protein 1g | Salt 0.1g


Store cool and dry, once opened refrigerate and consume within 1 month.


The First Curry

The East India Company pioneers in India loved nothing more than enjoying a local curry with chutney. These ‘ordinary’ foods in India became exotic back in London.

The first recipe for curry appeared in a cookery book of 1747. The dish reflected the tastes of the staff of The East India Company – England’s most powerful trading company dealing in Asian goods.

A newspaper article of 1784 discusses in wonderful rich language the newly available ingredient ‘curry powder’, describing it as ‘exceeding pleasant and healthful’ and available only to buy on Piccadilly. Times have changed a little, but the warmth for curry has only grown with the British.
Transcript from the British Library:

To persons of Rank, Traders to all Nations, and Servants.

The invaluable rich Ingredient, called CURRY POWDER, brought from the East-Indies by the famous SOLANDER, is ROW [sic] to be only had, in its original virtues, at Sorlie’s Perfumery Warehouse, No.23, Piccadilly, near Air-street. The celebrated East-India Dishes, and most sumptuous Sauces, are made with this Powder. It is exceeding pleasant and healthful – renders the stomach active in digestion – the blood naturally free in circulation – the mind vigorous, and contributes most of any food to an increase of the human race…

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