The Accord of a Scent

The Accord of a Scent

May 24 , 2022

Just like a chord in music, where two or more notes form a new sound when played together, an accord of a fragrance is a blend of essences combined to create a new and different fragrance. It stands on its own and its individual components can’t be detected.

Even though it may account for only a tiny part of the overall scent, it's the accord that delivers the magic.

It’s the accord that is the obsessively guarded secret of a master perfumer. Development is a painstaking, systematic process of trial and error over hundreds of hours of art and science.

The scenting of a luxury candle needs the skill of a master perfumer to identify this 'Critical Ingredient'. The Charles Farris Elizabeth candle has a “young citrus blossom and green accord”.

Our sense of smell is managed in the most primitive part of our brain and strongly triggers emotions, moods and memories - so choose your scented candle with care!