Pascal Jolivet

Pascal Jolivet

Dec 02 , 2022

In 1993, Pascal acquired from his cousins a beautiful vineyard of six hectares, located in the greatest terroirs of Bué en Sancerre: Le Chêne Marchand, Le Grand Chemarin and La Plante des Prés. In 1995, the first Pouilly-Fumé vineyard of 6.5 hectares was acquired in Tracy-sur-Loire.

The domaine now stretches over 120 hectares of vineyards across the appellations of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, complemented by 60 hectares in Touraine.

Over the years, Pascal has developed his own much recognisable, pure and elegant style of wines. Pascal practices a biodynamic winemaking, which, in viticultural terms, views the farm as a cohesive, interconnected living system.

Such practices extend from the vineyard to the careful handling of the fruit in the winery. In Jolivet’s winery following harvest, vinifcation begins with light must settling followed by juice fermentation with indigenous yeasts; next maturation on lees is fundamental for the concentration and the complexity of all Jolivet wines. The process is extremely natural and the slow fermentations nourish and sustainably stabilise the wines using very low levels of sulphur.

Valentina Buoso, a young, dynamic winemaker took over from her predecessor, Jean-Luc Soty, who had worked with Pascal for 22 years, in 2013. Pascal shares his philosophy with Valentina: to work in harmony with nature to produce wines with purity of fruit, a linear character and minerality, allowing a natural expression of the vineyard to give the wines a sense of place.