Marc de Champagne – did you know…?

Marc de Champagne – did you know…?

May 31 , 2022

You might think that Marc de Champagne truffles contain Champagne.

In fact, Marc de Champagne is a spirit, usually clear, produced by distilling the ‘waste’ seeds and skins from the Champagne or indeed any wine-making process.

Generically called a ‘pomace’ spirit or brandy, pomace meaning ‘by-product’ in French, the creation of a liquor from the waste pressings of wine-making is a common practice in many countries.

Of course, it is the Critical Ingredient in the famous truffle, one of the most popular types in the world, bringing a gentle aroma and distinctive creaminess to the party. But it’s also a drink to be savoured - you might know versions of it such as Orujo in Spain, Bagaco in Portugal and most famously perhaps, Grappa in Italy. Marc de Champagne is of course the variety from the Champagne region in France, where the predominant grape is the white Chardonnay.