From Chatni to Chutney

From Chatni to Chutney

May 31 , 2022

Chutneys and pickles took root in Europe in the late 1600s with the arrival of preserved foods, like mangoes and tamarinds, brought back to Britain from India by The East India Company.

Chutneys [from the Hindi word ‘chatni’, itself derived from a word meaning ‘to lick’] were served with almost every meal in India. It’s an ancient food, originating in India 2,500 years ago as a means of preservation in the heat.

These exotic new foods graced London’s society tables in the 18th century, and inevitably travelled onwards from London to other colonial outposts and became popular around the world.

We take inspiration from the original recipes developed by East India Company officers in the 1800s with our small range of artisan chutneys.