Artisan Wicker Baskets

Artisan Wicker Baskets

May 17 , 2022

Our superb hamper baskets are hand-crafted from willow by artisans in China.

All the willow used to produce our basketware is coppiced from fast-growing regenerating crops that are cultivated solely for this purpose, sustaining traditional farming methods without the use of any chemical application.

The baskets are then steamed twice [the finish then described as ‘double steamed’) to create a rich deep colour, and The East India Company chop mark is then applied to the lid, a mark of luxury.

Next, a fine cotton lining is added to the wicker basket and finally, the baskets are finished off with our preference of dark brown faux leather straps.

In 3 sizes, our wicker baskets are waiting to be filled with treasures.