Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate

Apr 13 , 2022

An extract:

“Death By Chocolate – The fanciful name of this famous chocolate cake conjures up images of an exquisite death caused by over-indulgence.

There are, however, several tales of passion and intrigue in which chocolate is the cause of death.

One such story concerns the Bishop of Chiapas in Mexico, who banned the ladies of his diocese from drinking chocolate in his cathedral, a habit which helped sustain them during his interminable sermons.

Revenge was theirs, however, when an irate group of ladies persuaded the Bishop’s page to add a poison to his chocolate – a pleasure in which he freely indulged himself – and he died an agonising death.

In Mexico, to this day, those seeking to impose their views on others are warned: ‘Beware the Chocolate of Chiapas!’ “