A Bottle To Keep

A Bottle To Keep

May 05 , 2022

Our bottle has been as carefully crafted to tell our story as the gin itself. When next taking a sip, take a moment with the bottle:

The closure is an intricately designed coin closure, reflective of the metal coins that The Company minted and traded. This currency became known as ‘cash’ - a derivation of an Indian word ‘Kata’, meaning coin.

The 'Connection Lines' of travel that represent the global scale of The Company’s trading routes are subtly inscribed on the bottle. Some of the botanicals within our recipe are noted along the lines.

Our Merchant's Mark, at the heart of the bottle, was used as a balemark for all goods owned and traded under The East India Company – a guarantee of quality and authenticity.

The bottle itself is reminiscent of a fine white bone china, once used to preserve untarnished the finest ingredients during long sea voyages.