10 Great Facts About Chocolate

10 Great Facts About Chocolate

Jun 07 , 2022

1. Chocolate was first drunk by the Aztecs, Montezuma was a 50-cup a day fan.

2. 1000 cacao beans are needed to make a 1 kg of chocolate.

3. Never feed chocolate to your cats and dogs, it’s dangerous for them.

4. Chocolate is 3 times more complex than wine, because it has 3 times the flavour compounds.

5. Cocoa trees live up to 200 years & are members of the cotton family.

6. Chocolate was consumed as a drink long before it was eaten as a bar [invented by Fry’s in England in 1847].

7. Chocolate really does make us happy - it causes endorphins to be released in the brain.

8. Africa has taken over. Cocoa beans originated in South America, now 70% comes from Africa.

9. Chocolate melts at 34 deg. C. Body temperature is 37. That’s why it melts in your fingers.

10. Chocolate [dark] is good for you! Like tea, cocoa contains antioxidants, which help prevent cell damage.