A Bottle To Keep

Our bottle has been as carefully crafted to tell our story as the gin itself. When next taking a sip, take a moment with the bottle:

The closure is an intricately designed coin closure, reflective of the metal coins that The Company minted and traded. This currency became known as ‘cash’ - a derivation of an Indian word ‘Kata’, meaning coin.

The 'Connection Lines' of travel that represent the global scale of The Company’s trading routes are subtly inscribed on the bottle. Some of the botanicals within our recipe are noted along the lines.

Our Merchant's Mark, at the heart of the bottle, was used as a balemark for all goods owned and traded under The East India Company – a guarantee of quality and authenticity.

The bottle itself is reminiscent of a fine white bone china, once used to preserve untarnished the finest ingredients during long sea voyages.


The East India Company London Dry Gin 700ml

Our exceptional artisan London Dry Gin is made extraordinary by our unique combination of botanicals, first shared with the world through the shipping lines of The East India Company more than 400 years ago.

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A unique blend of east and west, made in London by 8th generation gin artisans.

An inspired recipe of 12 hand-selected botanicals combining our classic London base and our intrinsic The East India Company botanicals.

The Alchemy:
The botanicals are steeped for 14 hours prior to distillation, to impart the perfect level of flavour & balance to the gin.

The Distillation:
Distilled over a six-hour period in our 205 litre still, Thumbelina, using 100% English wheat neutral spirit and then rested for one week, before being cut to 42% ABV.
Our London Dry Gin contains 12 botanicals.

6 of the botanicals are ‘classics’ : -Juniper, orris root, sweet orange, angelica and coriander seed.

And a further 6 are intrinsic to The East India Company's global maritime history:- Amchur powder (dried mango), green cardamom and liquorice root from India; galangal (a citrusy member of the ginger family), long pepper [a complex and hot flavoured variety of peppercorn] from Indonesia. And finally, African cocoa bean.
Fresh, mineral & piney juniper with citrus oil, galangal & subtle warm spice.

Clean & fresh with elements of spice integrated. Juniper present but not overpowering. Citrus oil & warm spice notes of nutmeg, cocoa & ginger follow, with a touch of sweetness from liquorice.

Rounded, warm & evolving, with a gentle aromatic pepper spice.
The East India Company see its gin, not as the end product, but as the beginning of your journey of discovery.

We urge you to use it as the catalyst for your own creations; a unique gin and tonic, a Martini with a difference or the base ingredient for creating something completely new.

This is a new chapter. A sea change. A defining moment in the journey of gin.

Where that journey takes us, is up to you.
The East India Company First-Flush Iced Tea in partnership with The Rosewood Hotel London

35 ml The East India Company Dry London Gin
60 ml First Flush Darjeeling liqour
1 teaspoon The East India Company Rose Cordial
60 ml Merchant’s Heart Pink Peppercorn Tonic Water
2 dash Ginger Bitter
1 dash Lavender

In a highball glass, add the Dry London Gin, the Rose Cordial, First Flush Darjeeling, Ginger Bitter and Lavender.

Add ice cubes and then top up the glass with the Pink Peppercorn Tonic Water, before delicately stirring. Garnish with a twist of orange peel and a rose petal or two.
70 cl

42% ABV

Made in London

Contains allergens: wheat and gluten
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Story of Gin & Tonic

Gin is an intrinsic part of both our history and British culture as a whole – as a result of the Company’s pioneering spirit of adventure and collaboration, it has been enjoyed around the world since the 17th century.

Back in the 1600s and 1700s, The East India Company was at the very heart of global trade, operating out of London’s famous docklands. Among the many exotic treasures amassed on the Company’s intrepid voyages were rare varieties of spices and botanicals. These aromatic ingredients would become pivotal in the inception and evolution of London Dry Gin, arguably the most iconic spirit ever to come out of the capital.
At the time, malaria was a widespread malady, afflicting huge swathes of explorers on their travels. While quinine bark had been discovered to have medical properties that helped to combat the disease, its unpleasantly bitter taste made it difficult to imbibe.

To make it more palatable, the inventive British East India men would sweeten quinine with sugar, dilute it with water and mix in gin from the gin stores they had brought with them from Britain.

This was effectively the birth of the classic Gin & Tonic cocktail, known and loved by millions today.

Our spirit delivers no ordinary products

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    We are sorry, this product cannot be delivered outside of mainland UK.

    This product is not for sale to people under the age of 18.

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The East India Company London Dry Gin 700ml

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