On December 16th, 1773, American colonists fought back against unfair British taxation with a peaceful but powerful protest that became one of the first acts in the American revolution.

 The 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party is celebrated with our Limited Edition, Boston Tea Party Tea Chest and or Boston Tea Party Loose Leaf Black Tea caddy. 

The Limited-Edition Boston Tea Party Tea Chest

We are proud to launch our special edition Boston Tea Party Tea chest with a limited issue commemorative booklet.

This is a strictly limited-edition to celebrate this once in a lifetime anniversary.


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In 2023, it will be the 250th anniversary of the Boston Teas Party, a critical ingredient on the road to American independence from the British.

For our 'Boston' blend, our Tea Master has skilfully combined teas from China, India and Kenya to create a strong and full-bodied blend. Of course, the latter two origins only became tea producing nations long after the Party itself, but he has used these teas to create a blend that resembles the smoky black 'Bohia' tea which was the majority of what was tipped in the sea but is more pleasant to drink!

The Boston Tea Party Loose Leaf Black Tea Caddy 100g

A full-bodied and exotically smoky blend of tea that celebrates the teas thrown overboard during the famous Boston Tea Party in 1773, the catalyst for American Independence.


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​The East India Company originally offered to cover the cost of the tax for the colonists. The Company’s attempts were futile, with colonists’ desires for independence from Great Britian triumphing, changing the course of history forever.

Around 46 tonnes of tea were tipped into Boston Harbour that night. That’s enough tea to brew over 18 million cups and worth nearly £10,000 in 1773, or roughly US $1.7m in today’s money.

The tea couldn’t be recovered because of the rising tide and eventually the rotting leaves caused Boston Harbour to smell.

The Boston Tea Party and it’s lasting impact

A pivotal moment in American history, the Boston Tea Party unmasked the influence of the East India Company and launched a passionate call for independence.

In December 1773, disguised American colonists peacefully stormed British ships carrying the East India Company's tea cargo, dumping it directly into Boston Harbor.

The actions of the frustrated colonists conveyed a resounding message: they would no longer tolerate the oppressive taxes imposed by the British Crown.

The moment the tea hit the water, history changed forever. The Boston Tea Party marked a turning point, inspiring acts of resistance, culminating in the Declaration of Independence. Today, it remains a symbol of collective action against injustice and the unwavering pursuit of liberty and self-determination.